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Adaptable Solar Charger


Adaptable Solar Charger

Sune presents its adaptable solar phone USB charger, a product that evolves the portable solar panel design. We see a path of hope for the new generations, through the usb phone charger industry.

The Sune charger receives energy from the sun to charge its internal battery. Forthwith, it delivers power to USB devices like cell phones, tablets, flashlights, fans, GPS and more of the kind.

Lightweight and portable

Our product is really easy to carry, and it can be hung from any object.

Complete Charge in 3 hours

Due to its high technology, Sune solar USB phone charger can fully charge its internal battery in just 3 hours.


In addition, it has an built in battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh.

Solar Panel

Its input power is 3.6 watts.

Its output power is 5 watts.

This product is a result of our own research and development.?We ensure the best quality in the production process.?In addition, it is certified by IRAM.?We offer a 12 month guarantee and the package comas with its instruction manual.

Though there are several solar chargers in the market, none of them are really useful.

Models with too much solar panel size and poor storage.

There are some models with too much solar panel size and not enough storage. Those are expensive, heavy, less portable, or even without battery, which cannot charge devices such as iPhones.

Models with too much storage and poor solar panel size.

On the other hand, there are small solar chargers with insufficient solar panel and oversized battery. They take more than two days for only one full charge. Furthermore,?they have the battery behind the panel. This makes the batteries explode, as they can?t be charged over 40 degrees Celsius.

The green energy industry is rising notably. By the same token, solar energy grows year by year by 46%.

The main sectors for this product are beach, sailing, outdoor, urban, rural and sports.Our distributors can be large retail stores or small town stores. They can be technology stores, outdoors stores, sports, sailing. Surfing and clothing stores are algo suitable for its commerce.

Sune USB Phone Charger

The Sune solar USB charger solves the problem that there is no fully functional solar charger on the market.?On the whole, none other can be easily carried and attached to any object.?Thus, we show that a randomasolar charger is not an optimal design product as our.

Running out of battery charge in the cell phone is very common issue nowadays. The fact of having to stay for hours near a plug to charge our cell phone is a common obstacle. Truly, it enslaves us and often prevents us from following the normal course of our days.

Thereupon, our adaptable solar charger is a freedom clamor for the days that are running.

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