Sune S.R.L. is a solar energy company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It began its operations in July 2012, presenting a solar energy project to the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

In 2013, the trademark was registered at the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), in trademark classes of products and services.

In 2014 began the Research and Development of its product, the only adaptable solar charger in the world. Its R & D was completed in 2015, the year in which SUNE S.R.L. was founded. in the Register of Legal Entities, as a Limited Corporation. In January 2016 it patented its product nationwide and continued to develop improvements on it, opened its commercialization in Argentina and was finalist of the competition INNOVAR 2016.

In 2017 it entered its solar charger in the international patent registry PCT, with a potential of national patenting in 152 countries.

In that year SUNE was nominated for the «Entrepreneur of the Year 2016» award by the US Embassy in Argentina and was a winner of the PAC Entrepreneurs of the Production Ministry, through which it climbs to industrial scale with commercial, accounting, tax and legal consultancies, besides obtaining own machines. It began working with the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI), making contact with INTI Industrial Design, INTI Textil and INTI Containers and Packaging. It assembled his manufacturing process in the same INTI, the most important textile factory in Argentina, under ISO 9001 certification.

The SUNE charger obtained electrical certification by the Argentinian Institute for Standardization and Certification (IRAM).

It was selected by the international barcode standardization organization GS1 as the first Latin American company to implement «Smart Search», revolutionizing the retail industry of the region. Also, the SUNE charger was included in the showroom of GS1 Argentina. On the other hand, it aims to implement the Kaizen method of continuous improvement in its processes.

In November 2017 SUNE travels to the international conference Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES 2017) by the United States Embassy, being part of the group represented by 4 Argentine entrepreneurs, being the only male entrepreneur representing Argentina and Brazil in a group of 1800 entrepreneurs.

In 2018 it was able to enter the national phase of patent in more than 10 countries, through the worldwide PCT application. SUNE has the mission to revolutionize the solar industry, aligned with our vision of contributing to a healthier world, in times of change. Its global manufacturing and distribution scheme has been structured as follows:

In Octuber 2018, its Australian patent has been granted. The company is starting operations in one of the most important powers in the world, ideal for its product. The national phase patents are in progress, and already have passed several steps, looking forward for being granted.


Sebastian Alexander Bessone Kauffman, Managing Partner of the company and owner of the patent registry, is an Argentine entrepreneur whose insertion in the technology industry dates from his childhood. His father Ernesto Celestino Bessone was the creator of one of the most important Argentine manufacturer private companies Drean S.A., that manufactured all types of home appliancies including the Commodore 64 personal computer.

He studied engineering at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration graduated from the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE) with a postgraduate degree in Sustainable Development at UADE Business School. He obtained certificates in 6 courses of renewable energies, including photovoltaic solar energy, solar thermal, high and low power wind, biodigesters and LED lighting.

Obtained a Scolarship in the last year of his degree for high performance, named «UADE Pride» for 5 years in the posters of the University for professional performance, has worked in multinational companies such as Accenture, integrating project implementation teams in heavy industry companies such as Petrobras, Refinor, Case New Holland (CNH) of the FIAT group, Volkswagen and in the banking sector through the implementation of SAP Banking in Banco Macro.

Finalist for INNOVAR contest and nominated «Entrepreneur of the Year 2016» by the US Embassy, ​​who has selected him to travel to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, GES 2017 India.

Sune has a third-party team of professionals dedicated to the commercial, accounting, foreign trade, industrial design, graphic design, programmers, electronics engineers, renewable energy installers and press agents. It has business collaboration contracts with foreign trade and construction companies, seeking to expand its network of distributors and commercial agents worldwide.


CUIT: 30-71531415-7

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sune Solar Equipamentos E Servicos Ltda.

CNPJ: 34.848.160/0001-07

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


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