Solar Energy Kit On Grid 1300 Kwp zero injection


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Solar Energy Kit On Grid 1300 Kwp

==== Basic Characteristics ====

Solar Power Kit Injection to the power grid

The kit generates 1300W per hour

The kit consists of:

– 4 Amerisolar solar panels of 325W

– 1 1500W On-Grid Growatt 1500S MPPT Inverter / Regulator.

– 1 Inclined ceiling mount for 4 panels

– 4 pairs of Connector MC4

– 1 Injection inhibitor to electricity grid

Consult for bank credits. Solar grid power injection system. Does not use batteries. The law of solar injection has already been regulated nationally so cooperatives and electricity companies are already delivering bidirectional meters. The kit can be injected in any part of the home circuit and does not require an independent circuit as in the case of off-grid solar energy systems.

In addition, they support voltage peaks of any electrical device and engines such as refrigerators, air conditioners, water pumas and others, whatever size they are since it takes the power shortage from the power grid. It can cover the total or partial consumption of a household without restrictions, as well as inject energy other than that consumed into the network and obtain a credit from the electric company.

We install facilities in all the provinces and we quote labor wiring and accessories upon request, in customized sizing to the client. We also have electrical engineers registered to put together and sign the projects of solar connection to the electrical network.

We make invoice A and B.

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